VDP specializes in transforming raw data into powerful, usable assets and customer-focused products. VDP cleans, aggregates, monitors, and performs quality assurance on your data, ensuring its integrity and reliability. Making data trustworthy and usable is the foundation for creating high-value data products that help your customers drive insights and support decision-making.

In addition to building custom data products from scratch, VDP enhances and optimizes existing visualizations and data products and seamlessly integrates with existing architecture, whether an organization requires assistance with a specific aspect of their data product lifecycle or needs end-to-end support.

For organizations that already have visualizations or data products in place, VDP improves performance, reduces costs, and adds advanced analytics capabilities. VDP’s high-performance embedded architecture allows data products to be easily integrated into internal applications or external websites.

VDP helps organizations who need help with one of data cleaning, visualization, embedding, or those who need comprehensive support in all of three.

What VDP does

  • Make data usable (clean, aggregate, monitor, QA)
  • Make data products (web portals, APIs, dumps, dashboards, charts)
  • Make products accessible (embedded, online, internal tooling)
  • Improve data products (analytics, customer feedback, iteration, optimization)

VDP’s core focus is on developing sophisticated data products tailored to your specific needs. Whether your customers require web portals, APIs, data dumps, dashboards, or individual charts. VDP makes accessibility a priority, ensuring your products can be seamlessly embedded into existing systems, made available online, or integrated with your internal tooling. The goal is to empower your organization with data-driven solutions that are intuitive, user-friendly, and easily accessible.

Every product-driven organization understands that the work doesn’t stop once you go live. VDP is committed to continuously improving your data products to maximize their value and impact. By leveraging analytics, gathering customer feedback, and engaging in iterative development, your products can be continuously improved over time. This approach ensures that your data solutions remain relevant, accurate, and aligned with your evolving business needs. With VDP as your partner, you can trust that your data products will be built to last, delivering sustained value and driving your organization forward.

Why VDP exists

  • Embededded data visualization solutions have low standards and high prices
  • Companies have complex internal data and aren’t able to commercialize
  • Data teams who are building products aren’t making them to the standards of SaaS

VDP exists to address the critical challenges organizations encounter when attempting to commercialize their data assets. Many companies face difficulties with data visualization, frequently resorting to subpar, costly solutions that inadequately convey the inherent value of their data. The process of transforming raw, intricate internal data into a polished, market-ready product presents a formidable data engineering challenge that most organizations are not sufficiently equipped to undertake independently.

Even for organizations that successfully prepare their data for commercialization, the task of productizing data and delivering it “as a service” poses a distinct set of challenges. The design, development, and operation of data products necessitate specialized skills and SaaS expertise that are often in limited supply. VDP bridges these gaps by collaborating with organizations to surmount obstacles and introduce high-quality data products that generate new revenue streams and provide customers with captivating data experiences.